Atilla Karat

Atilla Anlı was born and raised in Turkey. Starting off at an early age, he established Atilla Karat in 1970. He joined Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry in 1973. By the age of 32, Atilla Karat established his first diamond whole sale office in Grand Baazar, Istanbul. Having met diamond mine owners around the world, he was the first person to import diamonds to Turkey in 1984. Atilla Karat offers the finest selection of diamonds fashioned with excellence ranging from purest white to brown, black, and fancy colours. He has commited to provide his customers with the best quality of diamonds having specialized in diamond cuts, calibrated and single stones.

As his clientele grew, he built up jewellery manufacturing business having specialized in crafting of luxury diamond jewelry. Atilla Karat has expanded globally and currently operates in Hongkong, Bangkok, Istanbul, and Dubai. As a major jewelry wholesaler and a member of Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry he become partners with HRD Antwerp in 2011 providing HRD Antwerp diamond jewelry reports and certificates for his brand. He has always supported gemological training and spends most of his spare time supporting education, personally attending lectures in several universities.